Brad Branson 7/10/63 - 12/13/12
A Man in Search of Himself
For those that have known and loved Brad, this site is dedicated to showing that he sought his happiness in his heritage and found peace in a little town in Kansas.
Early Life
Christmas morning 1966.

Jay G: This is a picture of Brad in 1977. It was about the time we were out first venturing in the world and making dreams and goals for our future. He loved photography for as long as I could remember. I was with him when he purchased his very first vintage camera. He always made his dreams come true.

1984 Brad in L.A.


1986 Brad sketch by Fritz Kok
Photographic Career
Annie Lennox Cover

George Michael

Pet Shop Boys-Before
Paul Rutherford
Boy George
Crack in the Rock
Dianna P: We hiked 5 miles into the Painted Desert.

To get to Crack in the Rock.

To see many many pictographs and petroglyphs!

Brad at Home.

We slept on the ground, under the stars. The rocks were round and smooth, like some great ocean had rolled over them for millions of years.

The Dragon at Crack in the Rock.

Havasu Falls

Brad and Roland, Chief of the Havasupai

We couldn't get horses so we hiked out of Havasupai. Made it to the top at midnight.

Just to give an example of what Brad was seeing: Texture, color, detail.


Quiet Place Supai

With his family.
Morning in Denver. 'Is my hair okay?'
St Francis
2011 Me & Elvis

The colt he helped take care of. Here, at one day old

109 N Quincy St, St Francis. Brad fixed it up so it would be a homey and comfortable place for the Cheyenne Center for Creativity.

Brad and Dianna at Boulder Falls. We were always happiest near water.

Patrick McWilliams' Shakespeare workshop on Quincy ST.

Rose Palais with Elvis where we watched many sunsets.

His worldly goals were satisfied in a Kansas Sky.
St Francis Memorial
Joe, Jason and Judy. 3 J's. Brad talked about the 'other' 3 J's sometimes. Janice Jimi and Jim. He died at 3:30 am. He was fascinated with the number 33. I think Brad's subconscious knew and was obsessed with his own death and saw it as a huge riddle his whole life.

He worked for Bud, Luni and Kary.

Me, looking a little 'rode hard and put up wet'. Wore my dragon dress. Told them that loving Brad was like riding a dragon. Exciting, spontaneous, did things I would not otherwise have done, but sometimes very very scary.

Dead Can Dance

Road Kill transformed to Art through Brad's eye.
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Early Life

Photographic Career

Crack in the Rock



St Francis

St Francis Memorial

Dead Can Dance